TechTronix Australia – Your Sunshine Coast responsive Web design specialist & inexpensive internet website search engine optimisation services expert, 9/10 times I’m able to dramatically improve your organic website search traffic and income with the benefits of being less expensive in the long run and providing reliable online web hosting company
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TechTronix Australia is a locally owned Sunshine Coast SEO company helping your business rank the best over your competing business owners. We know how hard and intimidating it can be trying to set up a website – and getting it out there through search engines. We have plenty of experience and plenty of businesses who we’ve helped BEAT their competitors, bringing the customers back to them.

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We ensure you have a responsive website. What speed does it load at? Have you had it made to respond to not only computers, but also phones and tablets? Do all your links work on each gadget, your photos, your contact form, your photos? And is it easy to use? If a child can’t use your website, it’s too complicated and if your website isn’t responsive, people will leave, meaning it’s major business you’ve lost simply by not having an easily fixed, responsive website. Your website might be pretty but it will NOT generate business if it’s not made correctly. Sorry to break it to you, but easy options like Wix won’t optimise your site to its full potential and can never reach high levels. Our websites are made to these specifications and made to generate the best business you can possibly receive.

There’s a huge chance right now you’re invisible to 99.9% of the population. Why? If your website is not optimised with SEO, more and more competing businesses are online online in 2018 and you’re fighting an even bigger battle to get your name out. Its time to start playing the smart game of Search Engine Optimisation. You might be earning some business through your website when it’s linked to your Facebook, but these people have followed directions to find you. There’s thousands more people out there searching for YOU on Google but cant SEE your website listed! Your absolute next step is to have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) done on your website. On-Page SEO involves optimising your website itself on a personalised basis using keyword phrases, content layout, internal link building, meta-structure and various other techniques. Off-Page SEO involves techniques outside of your website including link building, social media, directory and search engine submissions, PPC campains, local listings. You NEED SEO to be a solid competition to your competitors.