TechTronix Australia is a locally owned & operated Sunshine Coast company helping grow your business online presence be the best it can be. We know how hard and intimidating it can be trying to set up a website – and getting it out there through search engines. We have plenty of experience and plenty of businesses who we’ve helped BEAT their competitors, bringing the customers back to them.



We offer affordable Responsive Website Design of a very high standard to suit any business from events, to services, to e-commerce and everything inbetween. Our websites are designed with optimisation in mind to ensure you’ll be visible on Google and are responsive and mobile friendly. We’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure you’re happy.


While most people understand the importance of SEO, the fact that over 200 factors go into determining where every website ranks makes it easy to see why there is so much confusion over the process.

Add in the fact that over the years there are major updates, some ranking factors become obsolete while other new ones are added, and it can be easy to lose track of some of those ranking factors.

The good news is that there are certain pillars of optimization that stay the same over time, and the first step in ranking is to build an excellent website that focuses on on page optimization with the build.

While many people talk about technical SEO and off page SEO, if the on page optimization isn’t done correctly, all the other efforts are for nothing.

TechTronix Australia’s Founder has a passion for detail so lets talk about where your want your website to go and we will tell how much further your Website Traffic can increase!


What is off-page SEO link building?

Link building is the practice of attaining links from other websites that direct search engine robots to your website.

Links are the portal that takes Google from one site to another. They are the ticket to the ride to your website. And while you know there is incredibly useful content on your website, others (including Google’s robots) don’t. Link building creates a way for Google to understand and properly rank your website based on it’s authority.

How does off-page SEO link building work?

Search engines use these links to discover new web pages, as well as determine their ranking against their competitors. These search engine “spiders” crawl throughout links, reviewing the content and adding it to their indexes. Building an infrastructure of links that are seen by search engines as reputable and relevant boost the chances of your website ranking high on SERP’s.

Why is off-page SEO link building important for my business?

Let’s get to the point: link building is important for your business because it’s a huge factor in qualifying your website as significant and displaying it on Google as such. It’s one of the main tools in off-page SEO.

Google’s founder, Larry Page, introduced the concept of PageRank as a tool to measure the quality of a page based on the number of links directing to it, amongst other factors like keyword use and citations. While this isn’t the only way of ranking sites, effective link building helps create a reputable online presence for your business. Link building is a stamp of confidence and trust for your company’s persona.

As important as it is to understand link building as an off-page SEO factor, it’s important to also understand the malpractices of link building and the ways that Google has updated their algorithm to rid search results of underserved sites.

Google responded and continues to respond to this improper link building with updates that filtered out undeserving websites. Improper link building can diminish the progress you have made and associate your company with negative practices.

build website backlinks and build visibility online,   It’s the modern form of organic website marketing we specialise in!


TechTronix Australia runs it’s own servers – just to make it extra easy for you! Our servers are reliable, have amazing uptime and always have local support meaning you can be at ease that you’re in good hands. We can set up your emails for you and  we also have domains to purchase – let us take over the intimidating aspects for you.

We’re here to help.

Our #1 priority is you, the customer. We believe in our services and knowledge and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your site as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around. Give us a call at any time – we’ll grab a coffee and chat about your needs.

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Let Australia’s premier company design your website!

We’re ready to work with you to create your ideal website! With every feature you could want – responsive and modern design – incorporated SEO – and support – what are you waiting for. Give us a call and we’ll catch up for a coffee to discuss what you want and we’ll put together a perfect package for you.


  • Responsive

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Email Set Up

  • Logo Design

  • Google Maps Integration

  • Ecommerce

  • Social Media Integration

  • Blog Integration

  • Image Sourcing

  • Video Integration

  • Monthly Backups

  • Custom Menu and Pages

  • Strong SEO Base Built In

  • Local Support

  • Fully Optimised for Speed

Search Engine Optimisation – The most Efficient form of Advertising.

SEO can give your business the biggest boost you never knew it needed. Using tactics and methodology to get your business to the front page of Google, we can assure you it’s the best investment you’ll ever make for your business. With proven results from Local Businesses!

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We can help with that too. We run fast & reliable servers that you can trust. We’re here to help – no need to call a huge international company and wait hours for a response. We always ensure they run at maximum potential with minimal downtime and can bundle them into your design or SEO.

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We’re local, you’re local, we’d love to work with you.

Our customers are the backbone of our company and always our first priority. Check out what our customers are saying about us!

“TechTronix has helped our enquiries go through the roof :)”

I’m so happy I contacted TechTronix. I met Cheyne at a local cafe and we discussed what I needed. He was very knowledgeable and professional and has been doing my SEO since. He’s increased my traffic significantly, put me at the top of google and also let me know how it was going every few weeks. Very happy I decided to work with him.” Daisies and Dinosaurs Family Daycare

Cheyne did our SEO and has put our business to the top of Google where we’ve stayed consistently for a few years. He knows what he’s doing and can tell he loves what he does and is passionate about it. He’s the only SEO speciailist I trust.

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